South Coast Business Action Fund

Sponsored by the Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce

The South Coast Business Action Fund is a group of business leaders sponsored by the Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce who work together for pro-business political action. We also endorse business-friendly candidates and raise money to help elect Chamber supported candidates, and recruit business leaders to run for office. Donations pay for contributions to candidates, independent expenditures and more.

Visit the Chamber's 2024 VOTERS GUIDE to read about the candidates.

Interested in Supporting the Business Action Fund?

To achieve our goals, we rely on the support and generosity of businesses and individuals like yourself who believe in the power of business to drive economic prosperity and positive change in communities. Your contribution, whether large or small, will make a tangible difference in our ability to endorse and help elect pro-business candidates who will act as champions for the local economy and jobs.

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Name On The Card
If you prefer to send a check, please make check payable to “South Coast Business Action Fund” and mail to the address below.

5662 Calle Real #204
Goleta CA 93117
FPPC# 1381638

Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce Policy Platform

  • Facilitate a market-based economy
  • Improve infrastructure including transportation and housing
  • Support a workable regulatory environment
  • Support balanced planning
  • Support local energy enterprises
  • Improve and maintain a vibrant economic climate in our downtowns

Areas of Interest

  • City Council Elections
    (Goleta, Santa Barbara, Carpinteria )
  • County Supervisors
  • Water Districts
  • Sanitary Districts

Why Business Action Fund?

Why BAF?

New California legislation, SB 1439, went into effect January 1, 2023. Elected Officials must now recuse themselves from matters involving donors who contribute more than $250 within a 1-year period. The Business Action Fund (BAF) offers a legitimate avenue for you to support the candidates who champion your business ideals without triggering recusals from SB 1439. If you have a project coming before a political body, do not donate directly to candidates who would be involved in the decision. Instead, contact the BAF and/or donate online here.

Challenges and Opportunities

Challenges and Opportunities

In recent years, the South Coast has faced numerous challenges and new opportunities that have profoundly impacted the local business landscape: Housing for the workforce, downtown vitality throughout South Coast cities, a reliable electrical grid, access to childcare for employees, the future of economic development and workforce development on the South Coast, and more. 

2024 Elections

2024 Elections

In 2024, there are 14+ elections of interest to the local business community. 3 of 5 seats on the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors are up for election. 3 of 5 seats on the Goleta City Council, 3 of 7 seats on the Santa Barbara City Council, 2 of 5 seats on the Carpinteria City Council, and 3 of 5 seats on the Goleta Water District. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to ensure that elected officials understand the needs and aspirations of the region’s business owners and entrepreneurs.

March 5 Primary Election:

The Chamber sent questionnaires to candidates running for County Supervisor in Districts 1, 3 and 4. Visit our VOTERS GUIDE to read the candidates answers to these questionnaires.

Steering Committee Members

  • Don Donaldson
  • Steve Epstein
  • Steve Greig
  • Randall Hernandez
  • Whitt Hollis
  • Trevor Large
  • Kirsten McLaughlin
  • Eric Onnen
  • Tom Ptton
  • Krista Pleiser
  • Tony Vallejo
  • Kristen Miller